Select Essays and Writing

Which Half is Wasted - a series on NewCo: Shift (2017)

The Economics of Star Trek: The Proto-Post Scarcity Economy (November 2013)

The Corporate Arts Manifesto (April 2016)

The Use of Interim Directors (May 2016)

A Theory of Ambivalence Pricing as a Consultant (January 2016)

I'm Sorry Mr. Zuckerberg, But You're Wrong (November 2016)

What's So Great about a Multi-Party System Anyway? (October 2016)

Why I am Not All-In on any One Platform (October 2016)

A List of Topics That Went Through My Head Last Night While Watching the Dandy Warhols (Sept 2016)

Writers Vs Journalists (April 2016)

An Open Letter to Paul Graham (January 2016)

My Reading Habits: How I Manage to Read 60 Books a Year Without Being a Speed Reader (January 2015)

F***king Timesheets [unreleased excerpt from Agency] (January 2015)

On Wealth (October 2013)

A Proposed Taxonomy of Plagiarism (November 2013)

On The Bubble (April 2011)

Soliloquy for Dodgeball (January 2009)

How to Take a Photo at a Seated Rock Show Without Being (Too Much of) an Asshole (Sept 2013)

Why I Love DoStuff Media (March 2014)

Trickle-Up Economics: Why The Rich Should Quit Their Jobs (April 2014)

Twitter v 0.1 (2009)

The National Accursed Share League (Feb 2015)

A Call for an Anti-Social Network [] (April 2012)

The Extinct Agency IPO [] (April 2012)

How Maturing Sites Should Go All Gladwell in their Marketing [] (March 2012)

How the Myth of the Algorithm Fools the Market [] (January 2012)


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